Friday, December 21, 2007

So when you look at this car you probably think that it is a nice car. This morning as I was pushing it on ice I decided I was not so sure. Last night we had a good snow storm that came in very fast. Mustangs are not very good in the snow so I drove to Layton in my Dodge Caravan to rescue my husband from work. I was fine doing that because when I was a teenager I drove a 67 mustang and slid off the road one snowy morning. Well this morning I got us all up early and took my husband back to Layton to get his car. I decided to follow him in case he had any problems. We were driving past Northridge High School and all of the sudden the Mustang started sliding everywhere. Soon the wheels were spinning and Clint was no longer moving. The line behind us started getting pretty big so I turned on my hazards and had to wonder what things were coming out of Clint’s mouth in the car in front of me. I pulled over and started trying to push a huge car that just would not move. My hands were so cold and during one push I slipped and fell really hard on my not so good knee. Things were a little tense so I jumped up and started pushing again. We finally got the stupid car into a parking spot and I drove Clint to Ogden. It was such a mess and I have to say what is a person doing driving a Mustang in a place that often gets snow!! We are all o.k. but, that will never happen again. If there is any sign of snow the mustang will stay in the garage and Clint will drive a fun, snow friendly mini van to work. Might not be good for the image, but at least he won't die.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Maggie had to see everything

We had such a great time with Mom and Dad

What a great Grandpa

Christmas Lights

Last night we went to the christmas village in Ogden. It was a perfect night to go with little children. It was not too cold and not too crowded. As we were getting ready Kamree said,"Mom I don't want to wear this stupid hat." So I asked her why and she said that people would make fun of her. I told her that her hat is there to keep her ears warm and that it is very cute with princesses on it. That was that and we got in the car to go to the lights. While I was trying to find a parking spot Kamree says," Oh I get it every one wears stupid hats here. At least they can't make fun of me." It was so funny to me and I thought I would share it. I love Kamree so much. She is getting so big(almost 5) and helps me so much. She is such a great big sister and I would die without her. Lucy of course loved the lights. I feel like Lucy loves almost everything we do. She is so full of life and energy. My life would not seem as fun without my Luc! Maggie was so stinkin independent that Mom and I were going crazy, we were so worried she was going to fall on her face. She had so much warm stuff on and the side walk was so uneven, but she did fine. I love to watch Maggie grow and want to be big like her sisters. We had such a fun time last night and it was extra special to be there with my Mom and Dad. Happy Holidays!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

I love this time of year!

Last night we had our first family Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and the girls loved getting and giving a gift. It was very hard for Lucy to give up the present we picked for Spring’s little girl. Every time I told her it was for her cousin she would get really mad. I was a little nervous, but it turned out great. We had fun with Santa and the girls were very excited to see him. I know we have a few more parties and that is what makes this time of year so fun. I don’t really care for the present part, each year I get a little sick about how much money is spent. It probably would not be so bad if I had a husband who stayed in the budget. He loves to buy me a ton of gifts. That makes it impossible to keep up. The part I love is seeing my family and spending fun time with them. Last night Clint’s Grandma started to cry as she looked around at her family. We asked her what was wrong and she said that she was just happy to have her family around. We are all so lucky to have such great families. I know I would be lost without mine. So I want to sit back and enjoy all the time I will get with mine over the next few weeks. I feel very blessed to have all that I have and to have all of you. What a great season this is.

A very special Santa

What a fun Santa!!!! He was so funny and did such a great job. I sure love that Santa if you know what I mean!

This is probably one of the worst pictures of me, but it was so dang cute of Maggie. She was not scared at all. I think she just thought her daddy was dressed funny. I think she heard his voice. Don't look at me just look at Maggie.

Lucy would not even look at Santa. That didn't bother me because I was so worried she might know him.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sisters are so fun

Well I have to say I love you Rindi, but I had no idea that you had found my blog. I started it a couple days ago, but was not ready to share it with everyone. Sunee called me and asked if I had started one yet and I said, "Yes, but I am not ready for anyone to see it." That was that, until I was on Rindi's blog and saw my name on her friends. So I guess that pushed to get going. Not that Stalee@blogspot was so secret I just thought no one would think to try. It is snowing right now and it feels like Christmas time. I feel sorry for people who don't see snow around the holidays. Even when we lived in St. George we would visit to cold weather for Christmas. I love snow!!! Hopefully it will keep coming until Christmas day. So that everyone coming out of town will be able to enjoy this fun weather.

One of our favorite traditions around the holidays is to watch every possible Christmas show and make some fun treats. One night we were watching Charley Browns Christmas and I thought the girls looked so cute. I love being a mother!

Snow is finally here!!!!!

Lucy and Kamree were so excited to finally have snow. Thanks to Grandma Debi for buying them their winter clothes last year. You don't really need that kind of stuff in St. George.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

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My fun life

My sisters have been trying to get me to start a blog for some time now. I finally decided to do it and have fun with it. I have a lot of fun things coming up and I hope I can handle them all. I supported Clint in school during the first five years of our marriage and I finally feel like it is my turn to finish. I signed up for three classes at Weber State and I really hope my brain still works. I know that I have a really smart family that will help me if I ever need it, but I am a little nervous. When Laura took microbiology she told me the crazy things that her professor told them and I said I would never take it. Well one of my classes just happens to be Microbiology. I hope I can handle all of the gross things I will learn. I also hope to travel down to St. George in January to run the half marathon. I love to run and I really hope to accomplish this goal of mine. My life is not always exciting, but I will try to write fun things and keep everyone updated on our fun life.